Home Sweet Home

You know the feeling. The one you get when you walk through your front door after you’ve been away for days… ahh.

We had that feeling multiplied by 1,000 last week.

B was in the hospital again. We knew we weren’t coming home when we went to the ER the night we were admitted, so of course, several books were packed in our bag.


Home Sweet Home was the perfect one to have with us while we were there.

This engaging, imaginative, lift-the-BIG-flap board book easily kept B’s attention once she started to feel better. It’s such an excellent book to begin showing your little one animals in their natural habitats.

Baby Owl is on an adventure– she flies through the forest, over the river, to the mountain, and through an icy land before finally coming home to her nest– her favorite place.

B loves to point to the animals as I tell her what they are. Soon enough she’s going to be using their names and guessing who lives in each habitat.

Priddy Books has more Little Friends books like this one, with colorful artwork and adorable themes to keep your little one learning and having fun.

Our girlie is so happy to be home, and doing much better.

Little Friends – Home Sweet Home
Sarah Powell/Illus. Barbi Sido
St. Martin’s Press/Priddy Books

The Watermelon Seed

When you were a kid, were you convinced that if you swallowed gum it would stay in your stomach for 7 years?

If you’re like me, I bet you were also convinced that if you swallowed a watermelon seed it would find itself in the perfect conditions to take hold and grow into a big, fat watermelon. How would you ever get it out?

The Watermelon Seed grabbed my attention at the bookshelf– because of the happy crocodile about to take another serious munch:

img_2760and because it was a 2014 Theodor Seuss Geisel Award winner– it had to be good.

B holds on to every word watching this excitable crocodile as he exclaims his loooove for watermelon. It is his favorite! He will eat it day or night! When his greatest fear is realized (swallowing a seed), readers and their kiddos can ride along through the waves of panic as the crocodile imagines what’s going to happen next.

The Watermelon Seed is a picture book turned board book– thank goodness, because it quickly became a favorite.

The Watermelon Seed
Greg Pizzoli
Winner of the 2014 Theodor Seuss Geisel Award


The Pudgy I Love You Book

My mother found this treasure from my childhood, and it deserves its own post because of the feeling it gave me when I saw it again: comfort.img_2676-2

I hadn’t seen this little book in 20 years. When I opened it, the familiar pages wrapped me up in a cozy quilt made of a sweet memory, and I felt like little Kerri, cuddling up to my Mommy on the couch listening to her read.img_2677This board book tells a story of things the reader loves– feeding ducklings, scrunching leaves, and new kittens. I remember seeing this page (above) and wishing my jammies had a button bottom, and how I could see the same sky from my window that these kids could see. I wanted curly hair like the little girl (wish granted!) and wished my world had those soft, pretty colors.

The power of a book. Your child’s favorite book now could be the book that transports them back to now when they’re in their upper 20’s. Do you have a book like that?

This adorable book was published in 1988 and is currently for sale on Amazon for two dimes and four pennies. Money well spent.

The Pudgy I Love You Book
Deborah Shine/Illus. Katherine Dietz Coville
Grosset & Dunlap

The Little Fox Who Lost His Tail

Lately we’ve been working on getting B to repeat names of places and things around the house. B has a nice list of words she says, so we’re anxious to add some more!

“Should we go outside?
“The vacuum won’t get you.”
“Wow! What a cool noise. Please stop pounding your car on the window.

Naturally, we spend time searching for something specific.

“Where is your milk?”
“It’s nap time– where is Duck?”

Whenever B’s beloved Duck periodically going missing, we understand how Little Fox feels when he needs to find his tail.


This story has sweet illustrations that take readers wherever the concerned little fox hunts for his tail. He searches high and low, inside and outside. Little Fox even tries to replace his tail with a household item. This story gives your little one more chances to learn what things are– and when the fox wants to look in the closet for his tail, he needs help to open the door.

The little fox never gives up his search to find his missing tail, and your little one can join in the hunt and discover where it’s been hiding all along by lifting the flaps.

Author Jedda Robaard has more books with this theme. You and your kiddo can choose to go on an adventure with several animals– including helping a bird look for its song, and a bear who lost her way.

The Little Fox Who Lost His Tail
Jedda Robaard
Little Bee Books/Bonnier Publishing Group