How Does Baby Feel?

In her very first month, B was an expert at telling us when she was feeling something– when she was hungry, tired, or couldn’t stand one, more, second of being in that barely wet diaper.

Month by month babies get better at sharing their feelings. Happy giggles from watching someone act in a wild and silly living room production. Sad cries because someone they love momentarily left the room. Angry stomps from being told “No way,” after they had so much fun throwing toys across the room with all of their little-armed might.

There are so many emotions a baby can feel (ahem, just like adults!), and this lift-the-flap book is written and illustrated in the perfect way.


Reading this adorable book, your little one gets to learn how someone’s actions hint at how they’re feeling– whether it be happy, hungry, loved, sad, silly or sleepy.

The first spread opens to a baby wiggling and reaching up for the kitchen counter where her snack is waiting.

“Baby wants milk and crackers. How is baby feeling?” Lifting the flap reveals the baby is hungry. Now, she is happy as can be having a snack in her high chair. Keep in mind, this page has the power to create instant hunger in the tummy of your child if they are familiar with the words “milk,” “crackers,” or “hungry.”

Karen Katz has a bunch of baby books out there, and we can’t wait to get our hands on another.

How Does Baby Feel?
Karen Katz
Little Simon/Simon & Schuster


On the Farm


If you checked out my earlier post reviewing That’s not my duck…, you also read about B’s love for her Duck. Once she figured out how to make the general sound of a quack, there is no question which animal sound is her favorite.


On the Farm is adorable. Your little one can see grown animals and their babies and learn what they say. The beautiful illustrations are so realistic, it’s almost as if you and your kiddo should be able to touch the piglet’s soft ears while he snorts– sitting on top of a big pig in the mud.  Along with the piglet, this book has cheeping chicks, mooing calves, bleating lambs, whinnying foals, and quacking ducklings.

You can find more from Kate Riggs & Fiammetta Dogi. We’re looking forward to Wild Backyard about backyard animals such as a rabbit, a robin or a toad and their little habitats.

On the Farm
Kate Riggs/Illus. Fiammetta Dogi
The Creative Company

Night-Night, Forest Friends

All it takes is a particular shout, movement, or look from B. We know exactly what she means. Little ones don’t need to speak sentences to tell you what they’re thinking, and this is an accurate sample of what B is thinking (most nights) at 7:00:

I’m so excited!
Chase me, Mom!
Ah! Dad! Don’t tickle me!
I’m hiding my face. If I can’t see you, you can’t see me!
Come get me!
I’m never sleeping, ever! Ever!

Then, after all of that so-much-fun wild horseplay, it’s time to start winding down and grab a calming, nighttime book.


Night-Night, Forest Friends is soothing. It makes you feel like you’re part of it– relaxing in your human den with your little cub, snuggling and getting ready to go to sleep. We quietly read the rhyming words and guide ourselves through the forest to see the animals cuddling up for bedtime with their families. We whisper, “Night-night, bunnies. Night-night, bears.” Cuddling B and reading this cozy book is a wonderful way to end the day.

You can find more from Annie Bach– one of our favorites is Monster Party! (Sterling).

Night-Night, Forest Friends
Annie Bach
Grosset & Dunlap

Ten Tiny Toes

About a month ago, B surprised us.

Dad: “B, it’s bedtime. Should we brush your teeth?
B: *inserted finger in her mouth and began to pretend brush*
Mom & Dad: *exchanged stunned glances*
Mom: “What?! Smartie pants!”

Every night we have the same routine, so she knows exactly what to expect. It is amazing how quickly they learn what things are called and how things are done with a little repetition.


Ten Tiny Toes is all about repetition, and is a rhyming read-aloud about the basic body parts. Your little one can plainly see what things are (ears, hands, etc.) with adorable illustrations of a lively little boy and his bear. You & your sweetie get to do things like wave your arms, touch your ears, touch your nose and pretend sneeze– insta-entertainment for your little one.

Author/Illustrator Caroline Jayne Church has several enjoyable books for your little one, including Sweet Child of Mine, Let’s Get Dressed!, and Good Night, I Love You.

Ten Tiny Toes
Caroline Jayne Church
Cartwheel Books/Scholastic