Where’s My Nose?

Last week, my sister in law said that my super-rad, almost 1 year old nephew loves the book Where’s My Nose? I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t posted about it yet, because B loves it, too! Shame on me. Anyway…

We’re always working on expanding our little toddler’s vocabulary, and this book has proven to be an excellent assistant. We’ve had this adorable board book for about a year now, and B still loves to help search for the noses of the babies in this rhyming board book.


They look everywhere– high, low, in a box (where B is excited to see a duck), under the couch, and even outside. The babies know their noses are close, but they just can’t seem to find them. Your little one will learn a few body parts, as well as names for some things around the house. The illustrations include several other items a baby might see in their everyday world, so they can join in by pointing at things they find familiar.

Bonus! Just in case your little one starts to think that their nose went missing, too, they can make sure all is well by checking out the mirror on the last page.

An oldie but a goodie, Where’s My Nose? was published in 2001.

An oldie? 2001 feels like yesterday, doesn’t it?

Where’s My Nose?
Susan Ring/Illus. Stephanie Peterson
Grosset & Dunlap

Sleepy Puppy

When your tot just wants one more snuggle…

When your tot’s lovie is nowhere to be found…

When your tot isn’t quite ready to quit playing…

They’ll be able to relate to these sweet puppies in this board book.


Sleepy Puppy is a story about several adorable, wide awake puppies who have been told it’s bedtime. Each page has a different puppy with a different reason they can’t go to bed just yet: one puppy isn’t done playing, the next is thirsty and needs one more drink, one puppy even needs to make sure there aren’t any monsters hiding under the bed. With reasons that will eventually align to your growing tot’s bedtime protests, this is a great story to read to your little one who isn’t quite ready to give in and warm your heart by saying a sweet, “Nigh-nigh.”

Sleepy Puppy
Sterling Children’s Books

Farm Animals

I grew up on a farm, and I was a lot like Fern (Charlotte’s Web). I was a lover of sweet, grunty piglets, a tamer of wild barn cats (I was good at it and we had a lot of them), and a friend to all most country creatures– especially my 4-H calves.


We had a stray cat show up last week, and B was instantly pressed against the front door wanting to love that kitty. *sigh* She, too, could have the gift of being a “cat whisperer.”

I am so happy we found National Geographic Kids Look & Learn: Farm Animals.


Nat. Geo. Kids Look &Learn: Farm Animals is written similarly to Nat. Geo. Kids Look & Learn: Colors! The farm animals (cows, sheep, chickens, horses, and pigs) each get their own spotlight with several photos and fun facts. As your little one grows, they’ll love the quiz at the end of the book. There, they can answer the questions like which animal gives us milk, wool, or which animal comes from an egg by pointing to their photo.

Bonus: Your little one will want to practice their adorable farm animal sounds when they see the beautiful photos.

National Geographic Kids Look & Learn: Farm Animals
Catherine D. Hughes
National Geographic Society

Don’t Push the Button!

The zero fun, way-too-familiar words directed to any tiny tot, “Don’t do it…” and “No, no.”


Of course, a funny little board book fixed those words– it saved them. It made them fun!

How can a busy, curious kiddo resist doing something they’re told not to do?


A friendly monster named Larry lives in this book. He has one rule: no pushing the button. He is so curious. He is so so sooo tempted, but a rule is a rule…until no one is looking. Larry whispers to your little one that they should push the button. Your kiddo will celebrate.

Right away, Larry is thrown into a panic because the button changes everything. It’s up to the reader to help Larry and put things back to normal. He tells them to shake the book! They need to help him by pushing the button more and more! Again, your kiddo will celebrate.

B thinks Larry is hilarious, and she loves that plain old red button. We can’t wait to get our hands on another book by Bill Cotter.

Don’t Push the Button!
Bill Cotter



Parent: *wiggling fingers and stomping towards toddler* Here I come! I’m going to get you! Rooaaarrr!

Toddler: AH! *runs and hides behind the chair then sneaks closer to parent* Ah! *giggle* Woar!

End Scene

We probably shouldn’t encourage her to get wild, but we do. It’s just so much fun, and to be honest, she asks for it in her sweet little sing-song voice, “Mommm… Daddd…”

We found a book that feels like it was made for us– and I bet you’ll feel the same way.


This book begins with a declaration from a tiny tot: he is NOT ticklish… until the tickle monster (Dad) starts running after him. He runs around excitedly trying to escape the tickle monster and of course, gets caught. Again, this baby is NOT ticklish– except for his legs, feet, tummy, armpits and his everywhere. Eventually, the baby decides tickle time is over and he gets kisses and a loving cuddle from his Mom and Dad (and his friendly pets that you can see on the cover).

Leslie Patricelli has several more board books that are worth looking for– one that caught my eye is Toot, which definitely sounds like a giggle-as-you-read story.

Leslie Patricelli
Candlewick Press