B has been a big fan of bedtime music since she moved into her crib. Her music machine plays a selection of soft, calming lullabies and now, more often than not, she sings along with her own toddler words…loudly.


(Husband & I are currently questioning how much longer she will “need” her music…)

Cue Sleepyheads, a calming bedtime book with soft, dark colors to help put your little singer in the mood for sleep.

In this peaceful, rhyming board book, your little one gets to peek at nine animals asleep in their own special place. A bird in her nest, a bear cozy in his cave, and, near the sleeping cat, the family dog prefers a comfy rug beside the fireplace. While gently reading Sleepyheads to your special sleepyhead, you can almost feel the quiet. Hopefully, your little one won’t be able to resist settling down.

Fingers crossed for you, friend.

Sandra J. Howatt/Illus. Joyce Wan
Little Simon


Does this sound familiar?

M: Hey, let’s read a book. Would you like to bring me a book?
B: *Runs to shelf, grabs a book, runs over to me and climbs up onto my lap*
M: Alright, all settled…
B: *Wiggles and slides out of my lap, runs back to bookshelf or anywhere else*

Sometimes you need a board book that is short & sweet to keep up with the pace of a can’t-sit-now-must-run-away tot.

Hi! is just what you need.


Hi! is a simple, rhyming book of animal sounds. Twelve colorful, neighborly animals meet and shout their greetings. While you read, you can teach your baby that a  crow says hello with a caw!, a bird says hello with a chirp!, and a polar bear says hello with a friendly growl! (yes, a friendly growl.)

After being greeted by all of the animals, the boy returns to his Mom and greets her with happy “Hi!” Then, Mom smiles and says “Good-bye!” with the boy to the readers. (It looks like it’s time for bed with the nighttime sky visible out the window. I get it, board book Mom. Bedtime is bedtime!)

I should tell you, the more you read this book to your little one, the better your wolf, yak, or owl impression will be.

Ethan Long
Abrams Appleseed

Dancing Feet!

Okay, I’m going to start this post with a few lines from the book Dancing Feet!

“Tippity! Tippity!
Little black feet!
Who is dancing
that tippity beat?

Ladybugs are dancing
on tippity feet.
Tippity! Tippity!
Happy feet!”

  1. Do you want to snap your fingers to the beat?
  2. Do you suddenly want to “tippity” on your own feet, or start moving to the beat in any way?

We do. We can’t help ourselves. This book has movement.


This rhyming, jiving text makes for a fun story time. You get to use silly descriptions of dancing like stompity (of course, a happy elephant), creepity (a beautiful caterpillar), and clickity (a lizard). You can almost hear the animals dancing to the beat while you read this book. At the end, children show they can dance like the animals (and if your little one is old enough, they can, too).

I’d be willing to bet that you’re already familiar with the awesome work done by illustrator Marc Brown. The happy, colorful collage artwork in this book complements the text perfectly.

Lindsey Craig and Marc Brown have another board book together called Farmyard Beat.


Dancing Feet!
Lindsey Craig/Illus. Marc Brown
Alfred A. Knopf/Random House Children’s Books