About Books for Babies

Welcome to Books for Babies! I’m Kerri. My husband and I have a sweet, rambunctious toddler daughter “B”, a sweet little baby “L”, and a surprisingly well behaved puppy named Sunny.


Growing up, books were always around (Thanks, Mom.) I’ve always had a love for books, and a love for collecting them once I saw the amazing library that the Beast had in his castle. Goodbye, rock collection!


Um, hello! Can you imagine having a library like that? Dreamy. So, I pretended to have one. Most of my childhood books had a scotch tape bar code from playing pretend library in our living room.

Fast-forward! Enter: Baby B. I wanted her to grow up with a love for books. She (and baby brother L) are my designated “reviewers” of children’s books. Books for Babies only consists of books they’ve enjoyed, so you won’t find one negative review. 🙂

The selection of board books is mind-boggling. Let us help you narrow down your search for the perfect book for

  • babies
  • toddlers
  • grandkids
  • niece
  • nephew
  • your old college roommate’s baby-on-the-way!

There is something for everyone in our Books for Babies batch!