About Books for Babies

Welcome to Books for Babies! I’m Kerri. My husband and I have a sweet, rambunctious toddler daughter “B”, a sweet little baby “L”, and a surprisingly well behaved puppy named Sunny.


Growing up, books were always around (Thanks, Mom.) I quickly fell in love with books once I saw the amazing library that the Beast had in his castle.


Um, hello! Can you imagine having a library like that? Dreamy.

So, after seeing Beauty and The Beast, I quickly moved away from the rock collection that I started after a family vacation to Yellowstone. Most of my childhood books had a scotch tape bar code from playing pretend library in our living room.

Of course, when B entered the world, I wanted her to grow up with a love for books. To start her off right, she was designated the blog’s Book Tester. Soon enough, little baby L will be a tester, too. 🙂

The selection of board books is mind-boggling, so we’re here to help you narrow down your search for the perfect book for your brand new baby, toddler, grandbaby, niece, nephew, or your old college roommate’s baby-on-the-way. There is something for everyone in our Books for Babies batch!