The Crayons’ Book of Numbers

Toddler B’s response when a toy comes to life: “I expected that.”

Her response when a book comes to life: “Again!” (Ahem… Don’t Push the Button!)

Her response when crayons come to life in a book: “Simply astonishing. Crayons can talk? Again!” She has an incredible vocabulary for being 2… 😉


The Crayons’ Book of Numbers has it all– mystery, determination, likes, dislikes, declarations, desperation! It also has ten funny, opinionated crayons that your little one has to help gather throughout the story. While counting to ten, kiddos will become familiar with their colors– purple, green, yellow, orange (“the true color of the sun,”) beige, pink, busy blue, red, black, and a slightly worried, slightly exhausted gray.

You (and your little ones) will have a hard time not enjoying this book. 

The Crayons’ Book of Numbers
Drew Daywalt/Illus. Oliver Jeffers
Grosset & Dunlap

Night-Night, Forest Friends

All it takes is a particular shout, movement, or look from B. We know exactly what she means. Little ones don’t need to speak sentences to tell you what they’re thinking, and this is an accurate sample of what B is thinking (most nights) at 7:00:

I’m so excited!
Chase me, Mom!
Ah! Dad! Don’t tickle me!
I’m hiding my face. If I can’t see you, you can’t see me!
Come get me!
I’m never sleeping, ever! Ever!

Then, after all of that so-much-fun wild horseplay, it’s time to start winding down and grab a calming, nighttime book.


Night-Night, Forest Friends is soothing. It makes you feel like you’re part of it– relaxing in your human den with your little cub, snuggling and getting ready to go to sleep. We quietly read the rhyming words and guide ourselves through the forest to see the animals cuddling up for bedtime with their families. We whisper, “Night-night, bunnies. Night-night, bears.” Cuddling B and reading this cozy book is a wonderful way to end the day.

You can find more from Annie Bach– one of our favorites is Monster Party! (Sterling).

Night-Night, Forest Friends
Annie Bach
Grosset & Dunlap